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Single-seat electric light quadricycle 



Nacelle and running gear in pendulum balance

natural on independent pivoting sleepers

4 wheel drive and independent steering



Aluminum manufacturing (foundry, machining, tubes)

Joints on sealed bearings

Rollbar (removable for transport)

Accessibility all users 

Steering wheel controls

Swivel legs for handicaped person access (option)



Lenght : 2.00m 
Width : 1.35m 
Height : 1.40m (Rollbar incl.)
Wheelbase : 1.40m 
Ground clearance: 0.25m 
Weight with battery : 200kg 

Swincar : The 4x4 electric spider made in France !

Between mountain bike and quad there is Swincar ! With its articulated arms, the machine has false airs of spider. He is able to go everywhere and shows real franchisor abilities just unbelievable. This electric quad is a fun vehicle, quiet and easy to use. Each motor-wheel offers a nominal power of 2hp. Four-wheel drive, it is offered in two or four wheel steering. It can reach to 19mph with a range of up to 31 milles in TT and 63 milles on the road. The homologated version can be driven with a B license. This small quadricycle exists in homologated road version, It is the perfect companion of ride!




4 electric wheel motors, full nominal power 4kW
Max power : 12 kW
Tork max : 340Nm 
Reverse mode 

Battery and range


LiFePO4 battery pack 4 kWh frame integrated
2500 cycles of life
Range 4h in TT use
Rapid charge 2h 
Brake regerative mode




Abilities in the slope


                                                    Hillless climb, hill climb: 50%

                                           Canted cant correction: up to 50%

                                             Dynamic stability on slopes: 50%



Hydraulic disk

12V Outlet (power supply)

Swincar :
The 4x4 Electric Spider

12.500 €

Shipping / Tax No Incl.

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