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Solar Catamaran


Our Solar catamaran !

New Challenge for ADS Technologies !

Because we are also a design and manufacture office, we decide en 2014 to build with a limited budget and from a maximum of recycled material, a catamaran with electric motors, able to travel long distances only thanks to solar energy.

Equipped with a powerful electric motorization it will compensate with its solar panels part or all of the energy consumed to move forward.

The global solution will use all available sources of energy on the water with the objective of making it an ecological demonstrator, educational and fun.

This project is meant to be collaborative and constructive, it can generate identical or larger projects on the technical basis developed.


Not easy to start a project from a white page...

But it was great to do it ! 


We started from the observation that in the majority of users make half-day use.

They do 1 hour of sailing "go" and "return" to reach their favorite bathing or fishing spot.

The boat can stay several hours without moving.

Once the boat has returned to the port it is often that it must be re-used the same day or the next day.

The technical solution we have chosen takes these parameters into account.


Goals :

  • Can cruise at a cruising speed of 6 knots (max speed 9 knots)

  • Have the possibility of advancing by day at 6 knots without consuming energy in the battery (unlimited autonomy with sun)

  • Autonomy at maximum speed (9 knots) 2h.

  • Get 5h autonomy on battery pack.

  • Being able to recharge in short time all the energy lost to arrive at its usual point of arrival (1h of navigation)

  • Being totally autonomous if possible ( Never connected to the grid all the use life.)

  • Possibility of quick security charging on mains in all the ports

Equipment :

  • Flexible and light solar panels for a power of 3000w peak approximately

  • Wind turbines of 400w (2) (project spread because too noisy)

  • A 10 kw /h lithium battery

  • 2 charger 1.5kw 220v ( Finally no use ) 

  • Two generators 48v 2kw ( Finally no use )

  • 2 outboard engines of 4kw each

  • A light solar structure and a light total weight ( no more than 1.2T )


After two years development and built work, the boat was launched on September 2014.

Began performance testing. The first results are extremely good, since the boat can sail at 6 knots only with the energy produced by the photovoltaic panels, but also reach a maximum speed of 9 knots


28 month and 500 milles that EcoloStation sailing !

Many contacts and encouragements from all of you, but also some "people" addicted to ecology !

Many test outings, fun with this boat "ideal" that wins all superlatives !

No breakdown to deplore for this electric and solar catamaran despite the prototype character of this boat a very new concept !


500 nautical miles traveled on the Cote d'Azur, without ever connecting the boat to an electric network, with incredible challenges !


For example, a St Raphael / Monaco 8H continuous solar navigation, 35 milles with only solar production !


4 days and 124 milles traveled without having drawn in the energy stored in the battery!


Non stop navigation days (discovery tests for the public) without consuming anything.


A record St Raphael / Port Cros in 5h and full of energy recharged immediately the same day !


Torqeedo engines have always worked beautifully, the 10KW lithium battery always given full capacity without faltering!


EcoloStation is a single boat

Buit with recycled parts, this concept propose a new idea of yatchting . Mixed all advantages of sail boat and motor boat without their inconveniences !


Because we project to assembly a bigger one now, we sale this prototype.


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