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Xtrem EVO1

 MTB & Motorbike

Spirit !

Ultra light

motorised vehicule

Adjustable Settings

High power / Speed

High Capacity Battery pack

High Range

Sensorless Electric Motor

High Torque

Xtrem EVO1, is a high performance electric mountain bike !

2017 models propose two power type. 3000 or 2000 watts, 35 or 41mph.

High efficient motor hub with high instantaneous torque. Only 28kgs, frame is a very strong alloy made. Positioned in a backpack, the light lithium battery will not bother you and guarantee reliability, maneuverability, lightness all times.

Battery technology ensures a long life and exceptional power. Xtrem EVO1, is an exclusive artisanal product manufactured with industrial process.

Imagined, designed and assembled in France in our workshop in Roquebrune / Argens.

EVO1 is a new discipline, to get a ride like a motorcycle but on a MTB, helping with your physical effort ! Practice in any severe conditions and keep the smile!

The pleasure of the performances are founded in the world of mountain bike Downhill, but now practiced on the flat road ! Big shocks absorbers and hydraulic brakes for sécurity and confort .

EVO1 electric MTB is trottle équiped like a motorcycle, but it remains above all a bike in the spirit !

Lightness, maneuverability and pedaling are therefore present ! Your effort completes engine work, according to your desires and your needs, and increases autonomy and performances.

Really a "hybrid" concept between the effort produced by the user with his legs, and electric motor power !


That allows all the challenges ! A new discipline is born !

This new model of electric MTB 2017 is fully programmable, so you can limit speed and power as you want to adapt the performance to all levels of users.


 '' EVO1 is also reconciling the all-terrain vehicle with all users of the forest and natural areas '

Xtrem EVO1

3 000 W MTB

Xtrem EVO1

2 000 W MTB

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